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    Can I control what would be in my YouTube video comments?

    We only provide tariffs with random YouTube comments.

    Do all the comments need to go on the same video or can I spread them out?

    All the comments go on the video you indicated in the order. You can purchase comments for several videos in separate orders.

    Can I get a free trial?

    We are sorry to inform you that we do not offer a free trial at the moment. You can start by buying one of our low-priced packages to test the service. We are sure that after that you will have no doubts about the quality of our services. Please feel free to contact our team for further information and inquiries.

    Will anyone know that I bought some or all of my comments?

    We guarantee that no information about your relation to our service will become known to the public. We truly respect our clients` privacy and the right to stay anonymous.